The best things in Life are Free :)

Cause only love will last…. And I love you a lot Di… It’s beautiful


People differ, so do their perceptions! Our perception of a situation decides who we are. Some of us consider life as a beautiful journey; some of us are like always complaining. People say, “They are rich. They need not to worry about anything. Their’ life is perfect!.” In reality, problems are their in everyone’ life- we can’t underscore someone’ problem as bigger relative to other’. One needs to step into their shoes to get a feeling of what their life is all about. So, basically its our perception of a thing- here, life- which decides our attitude towards it.

That said, perceptions differ about ‘Best things’ too- isn’t it? A new born would like to have her mother around every time- that only would suffice him/her & making them really happy. A 10 year old would like to show off his brand new electric car to his friends outside- that…

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My Perception Of Optimism

Often when I finish reading any article on positivity I decide that this will finally bring in positive vibes within me. But the very next problem I face leads to the eruption of pessimism which I had buried deep under all optimism that I have had gathered since past times.

Pondering over the re – emergence of self created fears I feel that as human beings we just can’t evade these emotions and always remain positive. It is absolutely okay to feel low sometimes. It is absolutely fine to feel bad sometimes. Perhaps negativity is an inevitable part of life. It is fine not to act that everything is fine everytime.

Eliminating negativity from life is not to let these emotions overpower you. You need to experience these emotions too in order to enrich your living experience. You need to be sad sometimes to know how it feels to be happy. Life will offer you with multitude of emotions but the power lies within you to not let the negative ones subjugate the positive ones, consequently characterizing your life to be a happy and worthful one.~Swati